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Last Update 24 October 2011 G.

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Last night, those nine words gave me the biggest headache after a couple of weeks ago I slammed my friend’s head off my friend’s ceiling after we moved into the road, especially the big one.At first, I thought it was an error message that came up in a couple of posts.

Google’s quick search for Google showed that most of the people who were involved in the bug received it during the development of Facebook applications. This find has made my stomach a little-“I have a problem with WordPress, not Facebook,” I thought, depressing. So, not to mention, to go further, I started pulling some elements out of my content to see if the culprits were like too many references or photos in the post …

Then, on the whim, I decided to make CTRL + F in another post that doesn’t show a mistake to see where it’s hiding somewhere. Lolita and running, she was hiding in reality.

Then it hit me.

At this point, I’m facing a dilemma. I’m not a fan of the wordpress commenting system, and I loved the Disks. My profile has more than 200 comments associated with it on several sites, and I like how the system mostly builds a social network from comments in the blog. I used an intense debate in the past, but I really didn’ t like it …That’s when I happened.

Then I went to four corners of the Interwen in search of other opinions on LiveFyre. I found out that a good number of blogs are currently being used, including.

It was a huge one for me. The ability to mark friends from other social media in the commentary is likely to create a much more discussion experience of comments, and hopefully will get people who will interact with each other much more ..

Now, inevitably, some people will be angry at such big changes. Indeed, one of the disadvantages of LiveFyre, which is not present in the Disques, is the requirement to log in if you want to comment (Disques allows you to enter the system, but also allows you to comment as a guest). However, LiveFyre makes logging very easy-you can use your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google login account, and Gavatar support is enabled ..

I am very pleased that you will remain in the system after you log in and can comment on any blog using LiveFyre with your account. You can easily share discussions across multiple sites using one well-integrated and centralized authentication. As a blog that greatly contributes to both personal branding and efficiency with the help of technology, it is an opportunity we like and want to have …

LiveFyre also provides you with a profile associated with your comments. Using this, other users can see other blogs that you comment and connect to you through the social networks you choose for sharing ..

Other features of the social network are well integrated, as I mentioned earlier, you can actually mark your friends from other social networks in your comments. For example, you can tag a friend on Twitter by simply adding “@username”-as soon as you start typing, the system will give you a list of friends through which you can find and select (while you are on Twitter) ..

After you post your comments, LiveFyre will give you the opportunity to notify your friends that you have mentioned. This is a great way to share the information you are interested in and start discussions …

In general, I’m very happy with LiveFyre so far. He looks very good in the blog, doesn’t generate errors.

If you’re an ordinary commentator, try this and let us know what you think. If you are here for the first time, I invite you to leave your opinion and join the discussion!

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